Running time: 20 minutes
Models: Alisa Kiss, Addie Juniper
Sexy minx Alisa Kiss comes home after a late night. She plops down on her rocking chair and reads a little before completely zonking out. Her roomate, Addie Juniper, enters exasperated to see Alisa, once again, passed out in the wee hours of morning. She tries to wake her, but she has fallen into a deep, deep sleep. Addie decides to use this opportunity to have some fun with Alisa! She tosses her head back and forth and plays with her floppy limbs. She makes Alisa touch herself and mocks her while moving her arms back and forth. She strips her down to her bra and panties. She then strips off Alisa's shoes and starts playfully tickling the bottoms of her soles with her fingers and a nearby feather. Not much reaction. Oh well, she moves up to Alisa's upper body and lifts up her arms to tickle her armpits. Alisa squirms and giggles in her sleep! She tells Alisa to stand up and do a sexy dance for her. Poor Alisa has no idea what is happening to her and does as she is told, then flops onto the floor. Addie laughs and digs into her sides and Alisa howls with laughter with her eyes still shut. Addie persists and keeps tickling Alisa's belly, sides and underarms and flips her over to hold her arms above her head while she tickles. Alisa lets out loud giggles and laughs, but is still fast asleep! Addie is baffled at how someone could be 'sleep ticklish' but Alisa definitely is! She is so limp and out, but her reactions are the same. Addie leaves her there and walks off and Alisa then wakes up, wondering what happened to her....AGAIN!
Running time: 9 minutes
Models: Nikki Daniels, Addie Juniper
Tickle, Tickle, Tickle! Squirmy girl Nikki Daniels learns what it feels like to be chained up and no longer in control when Addie Juniper gets the pleasure of tickling this vulnerable lass. Giggling and laughing when Addie moves through all the usual spots, Nikki proves that she is ticklish in her armpits, her belly, and her thighs, but Addie's able to find a few more special spots that really get her going! Can you belive her neck is ticklish, too? Since this girl is so sensitive, Addie has a good time making her twist and turn away from the torturous tickles. You'll love seeing Nikki's short skirt flip up (look ma- no panties!) and when Addie turns up Nikki's t-shirt to play with her boobies! Classic!
Running time: 8 minutes
Models: Mina, Addie Juniper, Dakota Charms
Poor little Asian Foreign Exchange student Mina is hard at work studying when brat girls Dakota and Addie come in to con Mina into doing their homework so that they can hook up with their boyfriends. Mina is so small and puny, so it's not like she can fight back. Fed up with the "dumb act," Addie and Dakota pin her down to the bed and tickle her until she says "Okay, I'll try." But that's not good enough! Addie tickles Mina in between her thighs and her kneecaps while Dakota holds her wrists together above her head. All the while, Chinese Mina is squeaking with laughter. Her belly button definitely tickles, and when Addie pins her legs down and starts tickling her feet, Mina cracks and says she'll do all the homework and their tests. These mean girls won't let up- really driving the point home that Mina is these mean girls' bitch. Flailing around, Mina giggles while the girls pull up her top and tickle her nipples with their fingers and tongues. Poor little Mina!
Running time: 10 minutes
Models: Addie Juniper, Russian Girl Gabriela
Now it's time for some payback! Addie Juniper is bound and handcuffed to the bed because she was brutal to Russian beauty Daniela. She starts out very soft, slow touching with her fingertips right around Addie's chest. This drives her CRAZY! Straddling Addie, Daniela works her fingertips against Addie's belly and ribs then up towards her underarms. Her revenge is ruthless, and she'll stop at nothing to get Addie squealing. She tests out a few areas to see which are the most ticklish- and a big one is Addie's inner thighs, her kneecaps, and even her butt! That's right, she gets flipped over and her bare ass cheeks gets tickled. Enjoy a close up of Addie's feet getting tickled and wiggling around trying to get away from Daniela's fingertips. Look at her running her fingernails up the soles of Addie's feet- torture! What was that Daniela? You lost the key? I guess Addie will have to be the ultimate tickle slave!
Running time: 11 minutes
Models: Russian Girl Gabriela, Addie Juniper
Addie Juniper- a tickling great- is SO excited to finally get the chance to tickle the Russian Girl. Could it be because she's so muscular and lean? Or are all Russian babes this ticklish? When Addie caresses her underarms, it makes this blonde babe contort and thrash around on the bed. Good thing she's restrained with handcuffs! Addie pokes and prods in every cavern and crevice, each seemingly more ticklish than the last! Addie notes that she's barely even tickling her, barely touching her, and she's just SO sensitive. Her belly button is pierced and she has a chest tattoo, so she can certainly take pain, but the tickling is what sends her over the edge! Pulling down her bikini top, Addie discovers that ever her nipples are ticklish! Of course, you can't forget the toes. Again, bound with rope and shackles, she can't move far, but this Russian Girl squirms and moves as much as she can. Super tickling fun!
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