Running time: 13 minutes
Models: Eva Notty, Kid Dynamite
Video number two in the series where the lovely Eva Notty has been taken and is tied up against her will by her former employee. This time, her hands are above her head and her captor has taken off her top so he can watch those giant breasts jiggle. Trying to get her to bounce them, he'll tickle her sides and ribs which definitely makes her squirm and begs him to "Stop it!" He's mad that he lost his job and is taking out that agression on the boss lady, so the humiliation of having to shake topless is the ultimate revenge. Although she tries to negotiate for her freedom, nothing seems to work until she concedes to bounce her bountiful breasts up and down. Unfortunately this terrorist doesn't give in so easily. He grabs a feather duster and proceeds to lightly dust the feathers against her skin. Appalled, she turns her nose up, and he is forced to grab another tickling tool: the electric toothbrush. It's bristles move furiously in tiny strokes and when applied to the sensitive parts of her body (like her nipples) she has to cave in! She cannot help but smile and start to bounce her breasts up and down for her captor's amusement. The next installment is Boss Lady Eva Notty Gets Tickled by Her Former Subordinates."
Running time: 11 minutes
Models: Eva Notty, Kid Dynamite
Welcome to a sexy tickle torture series starring Eva Notty as the Boss who gets captured and tied up by a disgruntled former employee. As you can imagine, in this economy, it's tough finding a job, so this ex-employee played by Kid Dynamite decides to tickle-some-sense into the former boss. When she awakens from her drugged state, she finds that she has been tied to a chair with her blouse nearly undone as her captor tickles her sides and under her chest. While he gropes her huge boobs, she insists that he let her go. But he's got this all figured out: tickling doesn't leave any marks, so he can tickle torture her to his heart's content. Rubbing between her ribs gets her giggling hard. Grabbing a feathery boa, he lightly rubs the feather against her heaving chest and as they graze her skin, she notes that it feels good. Pulling down the cup of her bra, he uses a single feather to rub against her nipple, but when she claims that it doesn't tickle, he has to resort to squeezing her knees and between her thighs. She insists that it doesn't tickle, but then why does she keep laughing? Stay tuned for "Massive Boobed Eva Notty is Tied Up Tickled and Forced to Bounce"
Running time: 7 minutes
Models: Cheyenne Jewel, Alura Jenson
Alura Jenson is having a lot of fun with Cheyenne, teasing her at first and dancing around the fact that she is going to tickle the crap out of her! She's helplessly tied to a chair, so even when she flails around she cannot get far. Alura LOVES this and goes around from body part to body part finding the ways to make her squirm. Toes- yep! Belly- oh yeah! Using those bright red fingernails, Alura lightly tingles and scratches against Cheyenne's young beautiful skin. She'll even give her a raspberry- blowing right on her tummy! To make this more fun, Alura puts a hand over Cheyenne's eyes to keep the element of surprise.....if you like giggling and tickling- this is for you!
Running time: 15 minutes
Models: Arielle Lane, Addie Juniper
Arielle Lane is finally being subjected to the tickling prowess of Addie Juniper! Before beginning, Addie asks Arielle a few questions about where she's ticklish, etc. With her arms stretched tightly above her head and her feet cuffed around a chair, there's not much she can do in the way of movement. Addie goes right for her exposed armpits and she shrieks with ticklishness and anticipation. Addie stays on them for a bit and moves down to her sides/belly. She ends up stripping Arielle naked so she can access her tickle spots better! Arielle is soo ticklish - she laughs and laughs as Addie kneads and digs into her inner thighs and ribs!
Running time: 7 minutes
Models: Alura Jenson, Cheyenne Jewel
Just when Alura Jenson tries to say that she hasn't been tickled before on camera and that no one has made her giggle before, then Cheyenne Jewel makes her squeal! She's up to the challenge, knowing that no woman big or small, young or old is immune to her feverish fingers! Cheyenne straddles Alura in bed, and she starts breathing heavily and laughing out loud! When she thrashes around, you can tell she is totally ticklish! A few times her big tits slip right out of her bra and you see several nip slips :p This doesn't deter Cheyenne who has to hold her down between her legs and work her skin. Lovely girl on girl tickling time!
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