Running time: 7 minutes
Models: Heather West, Jacquelyn Velvets
Silly girls Jacquelyn Velvets and Heather West are hanging out enjoying some girl time when Jackie innocently touches Heather's side and realizes how ticklish she is! Playfully, Heather decides to get her back by squeezing at her ribs. Jackie remarks that Heather was able to find her most ticklish spot right off the bat. The two need to settle this whole tickling business once and for all and decide to have a tickling contest with a few rounds doing different VERY TICKLISH body parts to determine who is more ticklish! Jackie starts by grabbing Heather's feet and using her nails on the soles of her feet! Without even letting her catch her breath, Jackie pokes and prods in between her toes and then all over the bottoms of her feet. Squirming and yelling out "You bitch!" shows how incredibly ticklish Heather really is! She can't even take 2 minutes of her feet being touched and tickled! Now for Heather's turn to get a revenge tickle! Jacquelyn's not messing around and throws her feet right up in Heather's lap, but doesn't even seem to respond at first when Heather works and kneads at her feet. She's not nearly as ticklish as Heather is (or at least her feet aren't). These curvy babes show off a lot of skin in their bra and panty sets when they twist and turn under the tickling torment. See the next body part in the competition "Heather West and Jacquelyn Velvets' Play Tickle Fight Part 2"
Running time: 14 minutes
Models: Eva Notty, Kid Dynamite, Jason Katana
The final conclusion of this amazing series starring Eva Notty as the boss lady who has been taken by two former employees who have been tickle torturing her to be reinstated. Having survived all sorts of humiliation and tickling, Eva is at the end of her rope wanting to try anything to get these two guys off her back! In this scene she has been tied to the chair again with her hands rope tied above her head and her ankles tied down to the base. Her exposed mid section is too vulnerable to the tickling tools these captors have found. Tiny bristles on paintbrushes rub against her stomach, legs, and pussy. Tracing the outline of her body, the two guys have her laughing and squirming in no time. These guys want more than just their jobs- now they want a raise and some additional benefits! Will Miss Eva give in to the terrorist's demands? Breaking out the electric toothbrush and hairbrush, these crazy guys will stop at nothing. Her lovely hourglass figure is shown off from all angles while these two brush her up and down. "Let me go!" she begs as they squeeze her sides. They insist that she likes this, but you can tell they're having fun touching her beautiful body and listening to her laugh.
Running time: 8 minutes
Models: Eva Notty, Kid Dynamite, Jason Katana
Super sexy Eva Notty has been captured by two former employees who are looking to humiliate their powerful boss. In this clip, she is splayed out showing off her amazing ass with her legs spread apart. Since she is tied down by the wrists and ankles, she cannot get away. Wearing nothing but those thigh-high stockings, there's lots of tickling contact! The guys have brought out a few tricks, too, including a hairbrush, a feather boa, an electric toothbrush, and more! Using these devices, Eva screams out and tenses her muscles with every touch. Jason seems to like working her legs and thighs whereas Kid focuses on her ass twerking away. That electric toothbrush across her feet and toes which are covered in nylons is DEFINITELY ticklish! A little squeal here, a louder squeak there and Eva concedes that she'll give them their jobs back. Anything to escape this tickle torture! It's hard to understand what she's saying because she starts laughing so hard. Bouncing her ass in the air, she's trying to get the vibrating toothbrush away from her bottom since it tickles SO badly! Listen to her beg for freedom in "Tickling Gang Bang of Poor Boss Lady Eva Notty."
Running time: 6 minutes
Models: Eva Notty, Jason Katana, Kid Dynamite
Man, these two former employees are relentless! Kid Dynamite and Jason Katana play the fired subordinates who have captured their former boss Eva Notty and decide to tickle her like crazy as their own form of revenge. With her hands bound behind her back, her topless chest is completely exposed to their tickle torture. Both guys start with a single feather rubbing slowly against her tits. Their silly banter and playful tickling makes her laugh so much that her face hurts! Both guys like complaining about how rough this have been since they were let go, but Eva is unimpressed and shows no sympathy. Extreme close ups of her nipples show off those size J boobies. Both of the guys realize that they need to kick things up a notch and bring out a few more tickling implements to work in between her cleavage and underneath each boob. There's more to come in "Eva Notty is Tickled Face Down Ass Up."
Running time: 12 minutes
Models: Eva Notty, Jason Katana, Kid Dynamite
Just when Eva Notty thought she had endured the worst and most humiliating of the tickling torture from her former employee, she is strapped into a chair, bound by her wrists and ankles while he can do his worst. He gets on his knees and takes off her heels revealing her pretty nylon-covered feet. Immediately he begins tickling her soles and she tries to pry them away crying out, "Please let me go." With every movement in the chair, her large breasts twist as well (and yes, she's topless!). Uncomfortable with this arrangement, her mouth drops in horror to discover that yet ANOTHER former employee is here to torture her (played by Jason Katana). While the first continues to tickle her toes, his sidekick decides to massage her huge breasts that he never got to touch when he worked for her. When squirms and screams from her feet getting tickled, the associate comes and joins him down at her feet to continue the tickle torture session. This tickling double-team is making her convulse to where she would accept any deal the two put on the table- just as long as they release her! Still want more? "Huge Boob Feather Tickling Double Team of Eva Notty" is up next!
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